Family Pet Advocates is always in need of supplies to assist low income, elderly and disabled families in keeping their pets. Each family in need receives a care package customized to their needs. Items that are most requested are:

  • Dry Cat Food

  • Wet Cat Food

  • Cat Litter

  • Hairball Treats

  • Dry Dog Food

  • Wet Dog Food

  • Dog Treats (no rawhide, please)

  • Non-prescription Flea & Tick Product (for dogs and cats)

Additional items that families request are listed below.
Those items shown with a * may be gently used.

  • Cat Carriers*

  • Litter Boxes

  • Litter Box Scoops

  • Cat Brushes*

  • Nail Clippers*

  • Styptic Powder

  • Dog Crates*

  • Dog Leashes*

  • Dog Harnesses*

  • Dog Collars*

  • Dog brushes*

  • Poop Bags

  • Ear Cleaner

Family Pet Advocates is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization. EIN: 83-3932243