What type of services do you offer?

Family Pet Advocates provides pet food and supplies to low income, elderly and disabled folks in need, transportation to vet and groomer appointments, temporary care for pets whose caregiver is dealing with illness, injury or hospitalization, assistance with vetting costs and referrals to other programs which may be of assistance to pet parents.

What areas do you serve?

We are currently serving Tiverton and Little Compton, Rhode Island and will expand our reach as our resources increase.

My pet is sick. Can you help with veterinary care?

If you qualify for vetting assistance, we can assist with the cost of veterinary care as our funds allow. We do not currently have the funds for major surgery or chronic conditions, but are able to help with vaccinations and minor illnesses. We are not able to assist with services already rendered and suggest that you reach out to other organizations as well, that may help with the cost of vetting your pet.

What are the requirements to be eligible for assistance?

Low income, elderly or disabled families receiving federal, state or local aid such as WIC, Medicaid, Unemployment or Disability benefits are eligible for this program. We will also take into consideration pet parents dealing with the loss of a home, loss of a job and/or dealing with a medical crisis.

I need to surrender my pet. Can you take him?

Family Pet Advocates does not have a physical building and can only assist with temporary pet care. If you need to surrender or re-home your pet, please contact area shelters. You may reach out to us for additional information and suggestions if you are unable to find a shelter willing to take your pet.