Family Pet Advocates provides the resources for low-income, elderly and disabled individuals that will allow them to keep their family pets safe and healthy at home.


We realize that life has its challenges and many low-income, elderly or disabled individuals are faced with the heart-wrenching decision of surrendering, re-homing or even euthanizing a pet simply because they lack the funds or resources they need to provide for its care.

Family Pet Advocates’ purpose is:

  • to assist area residents with resources and referrals, making it possible for their companion animals to remain in their current homes and out of shelters whenever feasible

  • to assist in the placement of pets when the owners are no longer able to care for them at home

  • to promote humane and responsible pet ownership

  • to increase public awareness of and to encourage solutions to the overpopulation problem

  • to promote accessibility to vetting and spay-neuter services for low income populations


Family Pet Advocates offers the following services, as resources allow, to qualifying families who are in need of the following help to care for their pets:

  • Pet Food

  • Pet Supplies

  • Referrals

  • Assistance with the Cost of Vetting

  • Temporary Care (in home or foster) for pets when their owners are dealing with illness, injury or hospitalization

  • Transportation to vets or groomers

Family Pet Advocates will do its best to work with families in finding the help that they need to continue to care for and keep their pets at home. The services we offer are dependent upon our current available resources of both supplies and volunteers. If we are not able to meet the needs of your pets, we will refer you to other nonprofits that may be able to help. We are currently serving Tiverton and Little Compton, Rhode Island and will expand our reach as resources allow.